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27.09.2010 r.

LAG "Together for Radomka" in the Mazury Tourism and Feasts Fair.

On September 25th, Local Action Group, "Together for Radomka" participated in the Tourism Fair held in the Municipal Cultural Centre in Stare Juchy, the third edition of the "Feasts of Mazury". Association presented the promotional materials, brochures and folders about tourism, cultural heritage and historical area of municipalities in our LAG. The organizers of the event was University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, the Regional Educational Center in Elk, Community Centre and the Municipal Office in Stare Juchy. Fair was the summary of the tourist season, and their aim is also to promote the tourist offer and exchange of experiences. The event also held lectures and seminars. President of Suwalki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism - Mrs Elzbieta Niedziejko presented a "Tourism cooperation network Suwalszczyzna-Mazura".Famous traveler and member of the prestigious The Explorer Club - Prof. Zdzislaw Preisner was a special guest, who approached participants in a seminar on "Ethiopia and the hot breath of Danakilu".

Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej
Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej Targi Turystyczne Biesiady Mazurskiej
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24.09.2010 r.

Award for the Gombrowicz Museum in Wsola.

pałac Gąbrowicza

Museum of Gombrowicz in Wsola won honorable mention for the exhibition titled "I, Witold Gombrowicz" the fourth edition of the Mazovian Museum Events. The exhibition at the Museum in Wsola documented biography of the writer. Is enriched with souvenirs, family photos, letters and manuscripts. One of the most interesting exhibits is already heavily worn suitcase, which Gombrowicz took with him when he was leaving Poland in August 1939. "Mazovian Museum Events" is intended to promote the most interesting cultural events. Prizes are awarded in two categories: the most interesting exhibition organized in 2009 in the Mazovia region in the closed facility, and the best party, show or outdoor exhibition organized outside area of the museum.

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23.09.2010 r.

Bulletin of the National Rural Network.

The issue contains a wealth of information on Network activities including articles on the educational aspirations of young people in rural areas, the European Network of Fisheries Areas FARNET. In this issue, we can also find information about events and immediate plans of the KSOW. We encourage you to read the newsletter, which you can read by clicking the More link.

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22.09.2010 r.

Naming Ceremony for Secondary School in Wieniawa.

On September 22nd the celebrations were held to give the name of Jan Kochanowski for Secondary school Wieniawa. The fact that the Kochanowski family is linked to the municipality Wieniawa, it indicates that the original seat of the family Kochanowski - Kochanowo village, which lies near the Wieniawy - took its name from the name of the Czech Republic knight named Kochan. The celebration began at 10.00 am in the Church of the Saint Catherine. Then, all participants went into the school, where Bishop of Radom - Henryk Tomasik dedicated a commemorative plaque with a bust of Jan Kochanowski. Next on the agenda was a parish Choir and theatrical staging of selected works of the poet.

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