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The Commune of Przysucha


Tadeusz Tomasik

Tadeusz Tomasik - Mayor of the Town and Commune Przysucha

The Przysucha commune is located in the west of the Mazovian province. For end 2004 r. for her the area was 174.33 km 2, of population reported for the permanent residence of 13,320 persons in it: in the Przysucha city 6,762. Preferred directions of the development of the commune it: processing farm and food, farming, tourism the mining industry, small-scale industry. On account of functioning in the commune of the large enterprise " Hortex " the farming is oriented for the production of the raw material of this plant.

Przysucha Przysucha Przysucha

Przysucha is a city of Oscar Kolberga. Getting to know the rich tradition, it is possible here wonderfully to rest on the delightfully situated lake in Coarse. The city is situated on the important communications trail Lublin - Łódź what is creating easy terms to investing and the economic development.

So we are inviting to the meeting with the interesting past and the promising future.

About very Przysucha we will find the first information under dates: 1415 (as Przesucha) and 1490 (when the opportunity arises of Paweł's transaction Męciny from Przysuchy). On 11 December 1710 however Przysucha remained the village. On that day, by virtue of the privilege spent by the II August Strong, a location of German craftsmen was confirmed and they allowed to hold the fair Saturdays and Sundays as well as they gave their okay on zakłądanie of guilds. This way a German part of the small town came into existence. In 1723 r. near the German part a commercial Jewish small town came into existence, and in 1745 r. - today's Przysuchę creating the last part - an established Catholic Polish small town stayed.

For two centuries tree nations community lived with herself in the agreement.

A Przysucha history is above all years of the difficult life of her inhabitants. We will find cities meaning events and tragic on cards of history. To so we will rank construction of the church by Urszula around Morstinów Dembińska in 1786 r., destroying the city in 1809 r.przez of the army Austrian going to the warszawę, the przysuszan into the production is defending becoming involved for November insurgents, fights of insurrectionary parties in nearby forests during the January coming into existence and loss associated with it of a town charter in 1869 r., establishing r in 1918. by Ludwik Skowyrę first in Poland of Cooperative School, growth of the city in the interwar period, covering the small factory of the metalwork in 1936 with r., establishing r in 1939. of the ghetto, in whom 5000 Jews lived in terrible conditions, and him liquidation 4 of November 1942 r., fights in forests przysuskich of the branch of the major of Hubal, reflecting by soldiers the Home Army, commanded by the lieutenant of Kazimierz of ps Załęski. "Bończa", cities from German hands 27 / 28 September 1994 r., freeing by soldiers the major Orlova 17 of January 1945 r., creating the district in Przysusze in 1956 r., regaining of a town charter 11 November 1957 r. whether finally structure przysuskich of an industrial plants in years 60. and 70.

Today, Przysucha is a small, very interesting county small town who with an effort is building its future. His inhabitants have always been opened and tolerant. Willingly they have always welcomed guests - and of the ones, who only przyjeżdzali here for a moment, and of the ones who stayed here forever

From ancient buildings small towns are the most impressive buildings: classical parish pw church. św. of Jan of Nepomucen and św. of Ignacy Loyoli from years 1780 - 1786, Synagogue from the end of the XVIII age, and Jewish cemetery and Manor house Dębińskich from the 19th century, at present im. Museum of Oscar Kolberga - he is collecting, he is drawing up and muzealia and materials are making available about Oscar Kolbergu and history to both Przysuchy ethnography and surroundings, he is presenting permanent exhibitions: "Oscar Kolberg - ethnographer, folklorist, composer - (1814 - 1890)" and "Urszula around Morsztynów Dembińska. Przysuchy history in XVIII and of the 19th century ", is making temporary exhibitions available from field to history, of ethnography, pieces, is publishing books, catalogues, folders, postcards, press occasional, is organising musical concerts.


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