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Europejski Fundusz Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich: Europa inwestująca w obszary wiejskie".
Operacja mająca na celu wdrażanie Lokalnej Strategii Rozwoju Stowarzyszenia "Razem dla Radomki" w tym realizacji działań Planu Komunikacji współfinansowana jest ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach poddziałania 19.4 "Wsparcie na rzecz kosztów bieżących i aktywizacji" - działanie 19 "Wsparcie dla rozwoju lokalnego w ramach inicjatywy LEADER"
Programu Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich na lata 2014-2020.
Planowany wynik operacji: osiągnięcie zaplanowanych z Lokalnej Strategii Rozwoju "Razem dla Radomki" na lata 2016-2023 wskaźników w zakresie rozwoju lokalnego kierowanego przez społeczność.

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Dariusz Wołczyński

Dariusz Wołczyński - Council President, Mayor of Commune Przytyk

The beginnings of commune date back to the 13th century, whereas In 1333 civic rights were granted to Przytyk. The settlement situated at the intersection of trading routers - Wielkopolska Tract and the Mazovia Road - was grantem the right to organise fairs, chich initiated increased development of the town. Further history of Przytyk was alternately the time of development and the time of disasters - fires, robberies during wars and unrest. The most valuable objects were stolen Turing the Swedish Invasion (so - called ''Swedish Flood"). In the Przytyk Land a few historic sites and structures have been preserved. In Przytyk itself you can see a chuch butli In 1930s, designer by Stefan Szyller, and a Jewish cemetery. This is the only trace of Jewish community that udes to be numerous here before WWII, enriching the social image of the Town with its separateness, different culture and religion.

In the village of Oblas, tere is the Krasińskis' mansjon of the 19th century, unfortunately devastated to a great extent. Historical granary, also located tere, is in similar conditio. In the village of Zameczek 3 km awal from Przytyk, there is a mansjon dating back to mid - 19th century, designed by M. Lanci. Not so long ago the facility was taken over by New owners and this historical ab ode, carefully renovated, is being restored to its original shape. Perhaps the oldest structure in the region is the chuch of St. Lawrence In Wrzos, erected In 1420 and expanded the beginning of 20th century. By the efforts of the local community the Przytyk Land Lovers' Society was founded and now it publishes its own ''Gazeta Przytycka" magazine.


But Przytyk lives not only on its history. Contemporary Times mean, first of All, still developing production of pepper nad related National Pepper Fair bringing exhibitors and producers of this vegetable together and attracting crowds of visitors. The fair has become a representative event in the commune and the county, combining economic and cultural undertakings. Attractiveness of the commine inceased when a new, ta king up more than 500 ha og area reservoir In Domaniów was put into use. The ''Domaniów Sea" is a great potetial for the development of tourism and recreation. Thanks to it, agritourist farms, visited etery year by more nad more guests, gain popularity. It is Worth mentioning that it is a perfect place to recuperate and Rest by wate, breathe with fresk air and enjoy hospitality of hosts who put still New idea sinto practice Winding prezes and honourable awards during fairs and exhibitions. Etery year the Bicycle Star Rally takes place by the reservoir. The active Society of Communes ''Radomka", consisting of six communes located in the Radomka river basin, is an organizer of this event as well as many other economic and promotional enterprises.

Do you know that:

  • Przytyk was connected with the Podlodowski family
  • in 1835, the Kochanowskis, for their participation in the November Uprising, lost their title to Przytyk
  • In 1941, Przytyk was a fi ring Grodnu (at that time all buildings, except the chuch, were demolished)
  • Przytyk is the ''hub" of Europe, this name being ascribed to its location - In the Centre of Europe.



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