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Program LEADER


The Leader is an approach sectors, cross-sectional and partner, carried out locally on the defined area, enabling the achievement of the goals of the third axis. Above all building the social capital by the mobilization of inhabitants and contributing to coming into existence of new places of employment in country areas, as well as improving is a purpose of the fourth axis of managing local stores and them valorization, into the effect of indirect joining in of local action groups the management system with given area. Projects will also be of help to an axis in the achievement of the goals of cooperation. Participation of centres of the European Union (EFRROW) and of domestic public means in financing of the realization 80 % to 20 %and it reach all of LGD areas.

The leader is a cross-sectional attempt who is supposed to contribute to the activation of country communities by involving social partners and economic for planning and implementing local initiatives. Local coming tied together with the defined area, influences to better defining problems of area and determining ways of untying them. The leader is a grass-roots partner approach towards the development of rural areas, carried out by local action groups (LGD), consisting in drawing the local development strategy up by the local country community (LSR) and of realization of innovative projects resulting from it joining, natural, cultural, historical human resources, ect, the knowledge and abilities of representatives of three sectors: public, economic and social. Representatives of these sectors are creating the partnership called the local action group who is representative for spread LSR area. on the decision-making LGD level, at least 50 % economic and social partners constitute. The local action group is choosing projects, of whom the realization will contribute to the achievement of the goals of the local development strategy together drawn up. Such a grass-roots attempt will improve the cohesion of taken locally decisions, he will raise the quality of managing and he will contribute for improving the social capital in country communities, as well as he will induce for applying innovative solutions in the development of the given area. As part of the attempt the Leader will also be supported activity of local action groups, including projects carried out by them of the cooperation. The realization of axis 4 in the longer temporary perspective will contribute to the achievement of the goals of the third axis.



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