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National Papper Fair


Przytyk nad surrounding communes have been known as the big gest pepper cultivation area In Poland. More than 30 thousand tonnes of this delicious vegetable, chich is 80% of national crop, come from this region. Pepper has reached 9th place on the list of the most popular vegetables In Poland. The cultivation was initiated In 1980s by Antoni Kwietniewski, an inhabitant of Wola Wrzeszczowska, who learned from Dutch and German Turing his stay with his family abroad.

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In Przytyk itself pepper, including dozens of colourful varietes, is cultivated In about 200 farms, In more than 3 thousand tunnels. National Pepper Fair, organised on the initiative of the Prefect of the County, the Mayr of the Commune of Przytyk and the President of the Radom Grocery Exchange, is a great way to promowe excellent varietes of the vegetable, chich Bains increasing dem and. The Fair i salso an opportunity to meet producers and traders from the country and abroad, and an inpiration for enterpreneurs planing construction of processing plants. During the event, dozens of decorated and colourful stands prezent the most imposing specimens and the most attractive pavilions are awarded In the contess seen to by the organisers. The proved way of promotion and incentive to New forms of distribution are special offer catalogues, advertising publications as well as tastingmeals chich include pepper as the main ingredient. An additional advantage is ecological way of production. Every consecutive fair (jubiler, tenth, have taken place in 2008) will be organized like previous event, as good nad ''tasty" fun as well as the dialogue about the need of building small processing plants In the cultivation area and the neighbourhood. The Pepper Fair is a kind of festiwal; it is attended by thousands of inhabitants of the Commune of Przytyk and neighbouring places as well as the numerous visitors from the outsider of the region. All of them admire and taste Przytyk pepper. It is a good manner to buy AT east one bag of ripe vegetables with a recipe for delicious meal enclosed. Many additional event, competitions, presentations of farming equiment and artistic performances of Polish stars and region al folk bands add splendour to the Fair.


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