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The Commune of Wieniawa


Witold Studziński

Witold Studzinski - Council Secretary, Mayor Comune of Wieniawa

The Wieniawa commune is located in the eastern part of the district. Premises of the local government occupy the area of 104 km 2, here 5500 people live. The commune has agricultural character. a crop of cereal crops, potatoes, vegetables and fruit orchards is dominating. At the local government a farm tourism woodlands and 500 ha of brines are in who favour in Domaniowie is developing. In the area Rykowa, Pogroszyna, Kalenia and Jabłonnicy tracks of the settlement were discovered from before our era. In the commune a lot of historic objects and natural features of historic importance are being found. The row of the town has rich history and local singers and folk authors are cultivating former ceremonies and traditions handing them over to next generations.

Wieniawa - delightfully situated village above Radomką, by the national road Opoczno - Radom.

He is deriving his name from the wealthy family of Wieniatowóws who established the settlement in the II XV fishing in. on the area of the village Kłudno. The Wieniawa coat of arms is showing the head of the European bison on the shield in red field with the hoop in nostrils. Above it in the so-called jewel a lion was put in the crown. Newly created Wieniawa is taking over developed in is Kłudnying by his heir to Mikołaj, of Kielce dean - wooden p.w church. For most saint Maria of the Virgo whom appointing to action confirmed in 1369 r. archbishop Jarosław from Skotnik.

The greatest Wieniawy development took place in XV and XVI in. The village belonged then to Wolskich of the coat of arms the Swan and the Młodeckich. Later in Wieniawie they inherited Komorowscy, Podlodowscy, Wąsowicze, Stadniccy, Potkańscy. In Wieniawie they were the last freeholders Łuniewscy. Their son cf. Ludwik Łuniewski was murdered in 1940 r. by the Soviet NKVD in Katyn.

Wieniawa monuments and surroundings

Historic Church from XVI in. whom is in famous "Polyptych Wieniawski" - great work of the Renaissance r in the European scale carried out in 1544. in the Cracow workshop. He is describing scenes from the św life. Stanisława of the Bp.,

Church in Wieniawa Church in Wieniawa

Koryciska - called wilderness "with small ponds - area about tourist-scenic advantages" God's Gift ".

Skrzynno - Mszczuja place of origin from Skrzynna who supposedly killed the Great Monastic Champion during the Battle of Grunwald, Church around pocz. XVI in., in the style late Renaissance. The inside rich baroque equipment and the sculpture of the Mother of God around c 1420 r.,

Manor house - built in XVIII in in the classical style - at present in the ruin. Inn - built in XVIIw. He has the vaulted chamber kolebkowo with telescopes. Boughs - historic small manor house Helbichów from XIX in. (private property) above the shore of the Lake of Domaniowski.


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